Poloprint Cloud APP

Poloprint Cloud APP 3D Printing Setup, Management, and Monitoring Made Simple
Poloprint Cloud provides thousands of online 3D models. Simple select and click, system will slice the model in the cloud and automatically send it to your 3D printer for printing. 
The 3D printer currently supported by Poloprint Cloud is Tina2S. This software is not supported by the Tina2 Basic 3D printer. The motor firmware and WIFI firmware of Tina2S need to be upgraded to V1.4 or above. For printers above V1.3 can use the local control mode to connect the printer in the APP, and then use the firmware information screen to upgrade the firmware online. For printers below V1.3, you need to manually update the firmware to the latest version.(For firmware upgrade and installation, please contact us if you have any questions)